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The Red Light district of Manila

The best bars and gogo. Where are the prettiest girls?

The Philippines are probably the best place of Asia to meet young girls there. Why? Perhaps that Thai Girls are prettier and you will find more go-go bars there, but the red light district of Manila is the best.

- 1st: Because in Philippines, there are not the same barrier of the language or the cultural barrier which exists in Thailand. Simplified and accessible English is spoken by all the Filipinos and the catholic worship returns the passage of the cultural barrier much easier.
- 2nd: Because the Filipinos are naturally easier of access than the other people of Asia.
- 3rd: Because if, everywhere in the world, the girls of the night are not always more honest; Philippines are certainly much more authentic and healthy that their equivalent of Thailand or besides. Here, indeed, tourism is far from being on the level of professionalism of Thailand.

The red light district of Manila ? Where to find the girls?

The three principal animated places of the red light district of Manila are Makati, EDSA and Ermita. You will be able to also meet much unmarried attractive young girls and who seek an European in the shopping centres.
As regards the sucker bars, Makati (makes of it Burgos Street in Makati) has the best reputation the prettiest girls of the city are there. The exit of bar (or “bar fine”) is the price which the go-go bar will require of you to leave with your elected. They will range between 2000 and 2500 pesos, plus what the young girl will ask you: between 700 and 1000 pesos for a service of short of duration - “Short time” - (sometimes more and, for one long life or “Long Time”, between P1000 and P2000 (sometimes more). (The course of the pesos is here: for 1 will euro you receive? pesos)
EDSA is the second most popular place of Manila. Your beer will cost it you P120, the ladies drink with at the cost of 195 pesos. One calls drinks of the young ladies the “lady drink”. The bar fines are between P1400 and 1600. What will ask you your elected one evening will locate as at Makati at the neighbourhoods of P2000.
Another solution are the girls of living room of massage. You will find a bunch of parlors of massages there everywhere through the city. The cost of a true complete massage of the body is approximately 250 pesos. The “happy end” (final masturbation) can cost between 400 and 700 pesos. There are also the large living rooms of massage. More expensive but of big class, they are located in the suburb of Manila.
Also, you will find freelancers all around the city. The best place is Robinson Mall de Malate or then in the discotheques of Ermita. The price of “shorts time” (short time) is between 500 (not easy) and 1500 pesos. A “length time” (or long time) can cost between 2000 and 2500 pesos.

Best Go-go bars of Makati?

1. The Arrogant ones: One of the most popular GO-GO for its more reasonable prices. Elected official better bar by the majority. The “bar fines” are around P1200 at 1500, if you are lucky. The Arrogant ones is more than one place of barfine. One can be sometimes made make a fellatio on the spot.

2. Jools: Located at the higher end of P. Burgos St It is mainly, a show of standing and it is not really a Sucker bar as we know them. The girls are normally slightly dressed there for shows. Yes, Your drink P150 (beer) and ladies drink (P350) are relatively more expensive. Attention, all the girls inevitably “will not leave” with you. It is thus necessary to ask the availability of the young lady before paying a lot of glasses! To my last trip: no deposit charges, not of pressure for glasses of the ladies, an excellent show of cabaret which starts around 10 p.m. Arrival around 9 p.m. 30 for a good seat. The shows last 20 minutes.

3. Bottoms: A good amount of young girls and customers in this go-go. The “bar fine” is of at least P3900. Possibility of fellatios in a cabin. A large number of pretty girls to be admired.

Best Go-go bars of EDSA

First Go-Go of the International EDSA Entertainment Complex when the district of Ermita was closed by the mayor in the years 1990. It has a large bar and a large track of dance for customers. The music is excellent. There is generally between 60 and 80 dancers. But the age of the girls is higher than in the town of Angeles or Bangkok.

Cotton Club
A well-known go-go of Manila. There has existed for 20 years. There is a long bar with a second stage. The music is very good. There is generally between 60 and 90 dancers.

Pit Stop
It is one of the smallest bar of the complex. Staff is really hot. There are only 12 seats around the scene, but the rest of the seats is rather close. That beautiful girls are there. Intimate atmosphere.

The Casino
Like Pit Stop, one of smallest and more close friend go-go bar of EDSA. You can be more easily in contact with the girls than the precedent.

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And for those which remain longer on Philippines, we advise the visit of Angeles-City. What exists of better on ground in concentration of sucker bars and establishments of night. For more information on Angeles, we advise you a visit of this site: Angeles by night

And if you seek the good addresses of Bangkok click HERE.

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